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'We Face into the Wind'  brings you some original Anna Raine songs, showcases some traditional Northumbrian classics - and  introduces a variety of other pieces you may never have heard!     

There are 12 tracks in all:

* Cool of the Night * Waters of Tyne *  Felton Lonnen * Aidan's Song * Cuddy's call for Lindisfarne * Cheviot Hills * Northumberland * Rigging and Bell * Bonny at Morn * Night watching * Woman of the Ages *  Hard Times.

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songs and celtic blessings from the island of Lindisfarne.'

My first solo album is here at last! Martin Neil has produced it and provided much encouragement as well as bringing a creative approach to the recording.

I've included some of my 'signature' pieces but also written songs of my own. Some of you will recognise familiar words from the Complines in 'Celtic Daily Prayer' drawn from Carmina Gadelica and other traditional sources. Here they are set to my own music which has emerged over the years of saying and singing these night-time prayers with Joel and Martha.

I hope you will want to play this album often and that it will capture something of the rhythm of the tides, the sounds of the island and also its stillness.

The album is available at 12 per copy. Postage rates will be standard for padded envelope and first-class stamp/air-mail.

Track Listing:

  1. Shadow of a Believer [Ged Lowery/Anna Raine]
  2. Rune of Protection [Carmina Gadelica/Anna Raine]
  3. Strengthening [Carmina Gadelica/Anna Raine]
  4. Both Sides the Tweed [Trad. arr. Dick Gaughan]
  5. This Night [Carmina Gadelica/Anna Raine]
  6. Thin Place [Alistair Maclean/Anna Raine]
  7. Ancient Paths [Anna Raine]
  8. Shabbat Welcome [Anna Raine]
  9. By Day [Psalm 42:8/Anna + Andy Raine]
  10. The Gleaner [Anna Raine]
  11. Here am I [Janice M. Savoie]
  12. Peace of all Peace [Trad./Anna Raine]
  13. I Will Lie Down [Carmina Gadelica/Anna Raine]
  14. Holy Island [Andy Raine]
    [spoken by Ralph Wilson]
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Bonus Track:
A recording of the title track was made for the ICDF conference. Download it here.